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1) Rubbing Alcohol, 90%+ strength, can be used to deter the dreaded Bronze disease. I haven't had any outbreaks since trying this out. I soak the coins for at least 5 minutes, then let air dry. This is supposedly to remove moisture from the coin itself. I have only seen this posted on one website, which I forget what it was, so I can't give the credit.
Also, from my experiences, it seems a soak in the RB will better prepare a coin for repatination with JAX. I get better looking, stronger results using this procedure.

2) I prefer JAX over Dellar's personally. It's a no mess repatination liquid that can be reused hundreds of times. It also gives immediate results, compared to day(s) in the window to darken.
Also, if you scratch the "patina" or such by buffing, waxing, dog chewing on it... all you have to do is redip it for another 15-30 seconds, compared to another day(s) of Dellar's.
I bought mine from Kevin. You can buy it cheaper directly from Jax (there is a $20 hazardous chemical fee though) but Jax must be the worst customer service that I have ever encountered online.
I think it was around $9, and I have repatinaed hundreds of coins, and only about 20% of the bottle has been used.
I wouldn't use the green stuff though, I rarely get good results with it.
I will normally give it two soaks, with perhaps 15 minutes in between. I then let it sit overnight in a container. The next day, I'll take a soft cloth and rub the loose finish off. It will normally turn an odd green overnight, before rubbing. When Renwaxed, it will turn a rich brown.You can also layer different shades (such as green base, with brown over) with nice results.

3) If using a contraption such as Chuck's Coinzapper, it is useful to spray the rod/hooks with distilled water/vinegar to make a good connection.
Many times, when zapping 15 coins, only 10 or so were making good connection. You can see this by them not bubbling in the water. I let some coins zap that were not bubbling, just to see if they were being zapped, but just not bubbling. The non-bubblers had exactly no change; so they weren't zapping.
Just spray a bit on the rod where the hooks attach, and all of your coins will bubble!


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