And a warm thank you to Rasiel, the Dirty Old Coins site owner for all the assistance he has provided. Beyond having one of the top websites for attribution of Roman coins… he is just a plain cool guy. Check out his website A necessary and beautiful contribution to this hobby! (BTW Marshall Fields now carries the DOC starter kits! )
And I don’t want to leave out my Canadian influence, Tom Ross. Tom really got the bug in me to set up my own website. Early on he and I started instant messaging, I checked out his site and thought “man that would be cool”. We’ll now it’s a reality. I consider Tom to be my Zapping expert. If you are at all interested in Zapping you need to check his site out one of Bill’s wonderful gifts to the hobby).
A very special THANK YOU! to Bill Puetz, the owner of VCoins! Bill has very graciously provided space for Clean.Ancients.Info, and I am very grateful. If you have not been to Vcoins I recommend that you stop by 50+ Ancient Coins Dealers in one place! A very robust search engine to dynamically search all the stores at once. And I recommend that you read the Code of Ethics that all VCoin dealers support. It is a testament to the quality of dealers at VCoins. See the Code of Ethic’s here. To go to Vcoins click the icon to the right or click here.





And what site would be complete without an option to contribute. Here is an easy way to encoruage my habit. Click and Donate to the cause of finding the perfect cleaning method. I personally gaurentee you that all proceeds will be used in the effort to find the ultimate cleaning method for ancient coins! :-)