"The Krusty Coin Contest"

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A little late ... but not forgotten! Pictures of the culprit

Overall Best Cleaning of the Krusty Coin Lot - Pick one lot and email me


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Coin Group 1 - Ben Gem's
Coin Group 2 - Dennis Traina
1st Place Slug Contest & Oddest Thing in the lot winner!
Coin Group 3 - Gordon McCall
Coin Group 4 - Jerry Coddington
1st Place Winner of the cleaning contest & the Oldest Attributed Coin!
Coin Group 5 - Leisa Waggoner
Coin Group 6 -Richard Fottrell
2nd Place winner of the cleaning contest!
Coin Group 7 - Steve Cooper
Coin Group 8 - Tom Ross
3rd Place winner of the cleaning contest!