"The Krusty Coin Contest"

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A little late ... but not forgotten! Pictures of the culprit

The Prizes!

1st Place - Best Overall Cleaning

Jerry Coddington - Coin Group 4 - with 44% of the votes!

Jerry wins the $115 dollar pot delivered as he chooses (email me)
1st Place - Best Slug

Dennis Traina - Coin Group 2 - with 33% of the votes

2nd Place - Best Overall Cleaning

Leisa Waggoner - Coin Group 5 and a two time champion of the KCC contest - with 21% of the vote

3rd Place - Best Overall Cleaning

Tom Ross - Coin Group 8 with 12% of the vote


Oddest Thing found in the lot

Dennis Traina - Coin Group 2 - WHAT IS IT?

Oldest Attributed Coin Submitted

Jerry Coddington - Coin Group 4 - Augustus AE Quadrans

AE Quadrans, struck in 5 BC by moneyers Aprinius, Galus, Messalla, and Sisena.
Obverse: SISENIVS GALVS III VIR, cista with legend
Reverse: MESSALA APRONIVS AAA FF, legend surrounding SC
Attributions: RIC 462, Cohen 425, BMCRE 262