Joe's Cleaning Experiments


First, I'd like to offer my sincere gratitude to VCoins for hosting this site. If you haven't checked out VCoins, and are interested in coins, be it modern or ancient, I urge you to check them out. It's an online mall with dozens of vendors, where you can find most anything you would like in all price ranges.

I've made this site not only for my own reference, but in the hopes to share my experiments with others. Perhaps I will save someone else's coins from some hideous demise; give someone an idea of an entirely new experiment or discover a new direction to take with one of my old experiments; or just basically satisfy one's curiosity.

Feel free to peruse the experiments. Most are blatant failures, some were borderline and yet others yielded decent results. Also please feel free to email me here, with a heading of Coins or such, if you have any questions, comments etc.

Zapping can be done without losing patina- here is my first true success. I should have cleaned it a bit more with the pins, but I was afraid of damaging this rare coin. See my zapping success for more information.

Links to experiments

Some tips, More tips I will update these when I can (11/14) Update on battery vs. electric Dremel

Failures, More Failures Failures that I didn't necessarily document, most were before I had a scanner

A New Cheap Source for Jax? I'll update with the service that I receive, but it's 1/3 of what I've been paying.

Links to my favorite Yahoo Groups

Helping Hands Gadget & Magnifying Desk Lamp- Quite Useful Tools (2/20/06)

Tools That I use on a daily basis

Ric List Partial list of the emperors of the first 5 volumes, by volume. Helps when attributing from such sites as Wildwinds, which usually doesn't denote which Ric volume a coin is.

Public Service Announcement- Beware the gold found scams on Ebay!

Helvetica's Excel Sheets A must have for attributing many late Roman bronze coins. Will save alot of time, and lists quite a few unlisted varieties as well. Dane must be the leading expert on Fel Temp Fallen Horsemen (Check out her online collection) and is simply one of the nicest people I have ever met online. If you don't have Excel, try openoffice out. It has most of the features of excel/office and is free!

A special thanks to Tony of Not only does he and his sidekick Tom supply truly great uncleaneds and tools, host the AP Sunday auction and are generally all around nice guys, but Tony has had the patience to get me going with Dreamweaver. Without him, this site would not exist and I'd still be on Yahoo, where two people a month could look at my site before I reached my bandwidth limit.

Please note that most of this site has been copy/pasted from my yahoo site... so some pages are misshapen, or links may not work. I'll work on fixing it up a little at a time. Please be patient.

In the off chance that anyone finds this site informative and worthwhile, I'd willingly accept a small donation via paypal. All money would go to financing further experimentation. It would be greatly appreciated and used for a great cause.


Bare Headed Constantius II Fel Temp (Note no ribbons). Coin needs further cleaning and a better scan... but quite interesting.

I'm going to dig this guy out and finish it here when I have time.